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CleanTools®, Inc., is a well established company that takes pride in researching and developing extraordinary automotive appearance care products.


Like many classic American-made success stories, CleanTools started in a garage and developed into a multi-million dollar enterprise. From our earliest days until the present, a hands-on approach to product development has kept the company in constant contact with car manufacturers, paint specialists, customizers and specialty car builders. Ongoing relationships with experts in the industry have allowed us to remain at the head of the pack of the auto appearance industry and maintain a hot pace into the 21st century.

Car enthusiasts who attend tradeshows are surely aware of the CleanTools exhibits over the years. Whether it’s our fun contests or extravagant displays, we enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with industry professionals and car lovers throughout the world. You will find the same passion at our headquarters as you will at any garage or tradeshow. Most of our team has been with the company between 10-30 years. This dedication has lead to the incredible line of products CleanTools offers today.


The Absorber, known as The Best of the Best in automotive drying, is the flagship product of the company and continues to dominate its brand market share. Since its inception, the Absorber has transcended brand recognition into brand dominance and allowed CleanTools to begin advertising and expand our product line in the 1990’s. The Glosser was the first additional product to be introduced, followed by the Drying Glosser, Dash Gear, Buffing Ball, and several more.

Customers know CleanTools is a premium brand. Classic car and yacht owners around the world trust the Absorber and other CleanTools products for their luxurious and treasured objects.



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