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DipRagz™ are designed for matte car wash and cleaning your cars dipped or matte paint. They will safely remove dirt or grime from your unique paint surface without leaving lint behind.



Tired of ineffective car cleaning supplies and matte paint care products for your car that make work take longer than it has to? The CleanTools DipRagz™ is a powerful matte car paint washing tool designed to make your washing and drying activities more efficient and effective. Whether you’re cleaning automobiles, boats, household windows or something else, this cloth helps you make the most of your effort!


Made of a unique sponge material, the DipRagz™ is specifically designed to remove dirt and grime without leaving behind any lint the way a traditional wash mitt would. Its sponge material glides effortlessly across any surface. Designed to improve efficiency while washing and drying, DipRagz™ is one of the best and most durable matte paint cleaning products.


Made to be useful in a wide range of matte auto paint care environments, DipRagz™ was designed with functionality and adaptability in mind. Use this non-abrasive, professional-grade cloth on your car and wheels. For the best results, set aside one DipRagz™ for each use so that you don't risk particles from the car scratching your wheels or vice versa. Likewise, set aside more than one DipRagz™ when you're cleaning — especially dirty cars or trucks. Learn more about our matte car wash tool and its many uses above, or contact us with any questions!



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